Just Saying Just Saying Blog Stardate 2012 the division of the city seems to stem from prejudice they help some then take it away with the idea of cleanliness the constant work of the hired helpers is annoying to some of the homeless have trouble just surviving keeping clothing and blankets which things were given them by the populace and other things is wrong with City like Sodom and Gomorrah what about the Lave cone islands in the red sea perhaps Egyptions soiling rising giving up the ghost to time is on the side of no one least of all them wicked slavers. obsurenewyearsreferancealfweedersignpost see how many minions thought this was auld lang sign not auf weidershin let me chack this first just saying Happy New Year Goodbye to the 2011 Hello to the 2012 hope it lasts at least one more year or 2013 will bring those awefull lava locust bugs covering both polar ice caps will melt and tilt the earth over oblong particles drift past my meaning is saved in the folder of lifetime overheard in the russian sub the compass is stuck the compass is starting to smoke putt out the fire before it sets off the M-BomB. We hope Nostradamus was telling the truth and the Mayans were drunk end Quote.