Liar Jesus said the life is more then the raiment Jesus did not say go walk around in an unfitted sheet Jesus said a coat and a cloak clothing enough to stay warm Jesus did not say a steamer trunk full of moth balls and decaying worm eaten clothing a few too many extra shirts and things Jesus said follow me my Yoke is easy my burden is light Jesus did not say go forth and save everyone become GOD on your own lift up the ROman Crucifix and die every last one of you Jesus said have no fear Jesus did not say let other people have rule over you be afraid of every mean person let them have there way over you Jesus said of those you have given me eye lost no one only one the devil Judas to fulfill the Scripture one who ate bread with me has lifted up his heel against me Jesus said in my house there is many mansions HE who is not against me is for me DO not rail against the other flocks for iff they call upon my name they surely must be working for me Jesus did not say never have faith never dare to live never sorrow for your sin never hurt never work or have more faith never fall Jesus said when you fall and sin there is a protector the Spirit whom eye will send He will remind you of me and help you not to fall away forever iff you think that Jesus did not say these things then eye feel so sad for you my tears are falling but not my life not my health or not my mind my soul intact for Judgement day soon coming my Body kept in need of repair iff eye can only wait until THE END