IRAN 666 The Aquafier is radioactive all the purifier machines useless the desert is glowing green the sand is hot the water gone the life is changed grotesque and huge misshappen creatures in the place of small useful mice they are real devils on clothing left untended but usually they hurt no one should be untended as long as discarded clothing the hills while glowing also warp the horizen missing or just broken like homeless peoples teeth the gaps confusing to the beast he marches on borrowed time dehydration killing all of them slowly some quicker then others they never make it to the edge of the hot white green quick sand hills flowing into time where was mAssad where were the men why did they not act in time to save us they need no ones permission now the targets clear eye would volunteer for a mission but my age is 57 my face broken too many broken bones and eye never learned how to fly became homeless to stop drinking smoking dancing loving wrong and fighting nothing left but my penpal besides even iff they trained me how and gave me a huge armed jet aircraft eye would try to take my hometown out eye can see it now screaming out of the sky at 179.000 mpg pulling the throttle all the way out and nose diving into the Courthouse with a full pay load they will pay for what they did to me now Mossad should send the bombs to IRAN when the target is more then the sand while there is time to stop the destruction of the whole wide web while life is still a small brown mouse