INstrument I think it was Gary Snyder who told me to get the checks in the checkered look suit the pinstripes were just not for me my face is dark my hair is dark the pinstripes make me look too skinny is what Gary Allways told me. We did not cut our looks too much we did the Zen inside the true religion we told everyone to go to nature the mountains beckoned us we climbed. Before I was published the poems grew mildew in the pack I carried with me all over the country the girls in every city swooned but then they did not knoe me very well the Buddha priest I was trying to become conflicted some with Any chance of dating them. The drinks invited me inn. I boozed too much the alcoholism slowly killing me but Man what poems it was giving me the beat the snazzy beat the jazz is the key to poetry the music comes from the booze the smokes the fast living fills my repertoire with the full body indeterminable fullintrinsic metaphoric carbolic aciduic fumey white lines of human interested readers from the front line of poverty. I can do the mouthfull. Remember how to spell Kerouac. You don't believe how many different ways I seen it done. They still call me Jack.