Poetry You cannot place a poet in a box of predetermined learning rules and regulations no sooner said then done you cannot call a man an idiot that only hath a speech impedimeant the rules are ever changing outside this box. Wake up. Too Poetry. Spelling is an emphasis oration is a gift of GOD we pronoun the words with this lack of actual spelling its usually on purpose to emphasis the differance. HOW DARE YEW or EWE or even YOU take me for an imbelical cord. I wish that eye could read orate the fate of this particulate. To make you laught at each and every predicate nuance the day make hay diddle diddle in the ears of all the minions there. Where. Where they incline upon divine divan the fan blowing away the smoke from the burnning fish in pan. Fry bread is sticks again. Can you hear the way eye am writing this POETRY POETRY POETRY POETRY today. Every poem has a title every poem hath an middle missive then an ending this bye quoting someone elses poetry. The book is Leadershippe FOUR Literalness. Written by Forrest Poetry Chilsom Trail Associated Press. Iff you see a resemblence. Ed.note.ed. Qooth page ppp 42 end Quoth 43. ...Iff literacy education is ever to reach the STASIS of a SOCIALIST REPUBLIC (emphasis is mind) misquothing now it must go threw a transition phasors on stunned you got you in which students provide increasing impedimeants to learning is not a simple process. Make the Johhny read more Poetry.