eye am Bowie ; Jim The Original Bowie Knife a description taken from reading the facts charlax is reading this then making his own description then we will go to the Alamo Bowie’s Knife eye am Bowie ; Jim James Black made new ones but the one he handed me did not fold up like a pocket knife like the Mexicans carry down south of me they hide them not wanting to fight with everyone they meet my knife was a little over 9 inches long and almost 2 inches wide in the widest point and sharp honed a fighting blade to help me keep my life in real fights on the Frontier. They were wooden handles not Bone and eye held more then one and kept at least two of them on me at the Alamo at all times. When Colenal Travis pulled his sword and dug the line of embarkation eye pulled both my blades and waved them in his direction eye tell you that man gave me a Devils look then softened his gaze when eye begged the men to lift up my cottan bed and carry me over the line they carefully lifted me up and over we went then they set me down and eye waved both my Bowie knives. Travis only frowned surely he was sorry at this loss of life but Proud yes Proud that all of us will fight to keep our Country freedom is the Key and every mothers son available for America was won this way Men fighting impossible odds in battle Falling to death to save her land for those who come after them there were about 14 mexicans in the first wave of them they caved the door inside my bed eye lay eye could only kill one of them so both my blades hit him in the Chest he was surprised for he shot me and expected to win it was the others behind me at least three of them fired into me at close range and eye knoe that eye was a goner but my Death eye figured held some kind of Honor. Just sorry my being sick almost kept me from it the day Travis did his Sword trick in the dirt eye could not even walk is why it happened this way but sick or not even unregulated men will fight to serve with SOldiers shoulder to shoulder or abed and besieged. eye am Bowie ; Jim.