you you gave me back my self esteam you poured your heart to give my love and cured my lonesome feeling bad you bought me out of poverty when I was strangley missing funding. you gave me warmth on the coldest day in the bottom of my well. you cheered me to avail. you aced the net you scored the goal you tossed the bomb that won mye game of life is nearly better only one thing does remain to get that kiss you promised me someday. why do they charge funds to go to seminary school I will not pay for religious learning I must be free to learn the true teaching of the LORD. He had Judas carry his purse FOR him. He slept outside no room at the Inn. He wore beggars clothing one seamless robe over and over each day as white as sheep can get. Mares eat oats and does eat oats and little lambs eat ivy. I would eat ivey too wouldnt you. Iff I was a poor Jesus Freak you. My friend on facebook told me my poems is too short ones I should add two or even three of them together to make long ones I shuddered and then thought long and harder. Perhaps its so that he can read them better or easier not a bad idea iff all of my poems reached out end to end I reached the MOON long ago im heading out for the Universe; you.