AFacebookNotification What do facebook do. It is a personal application derived its own satisfaction out of torturing home computor users. And laptop users. It will work sporadically on city menus emus wait venues. Most people hit the like button a lot. Some of us send emails. A lot of emails gets you fried by the ever dissent facebook Robots. Eye like this post the fact of the posting the like button is not a mystery to me like likes like. Some people simply work for a living never have the time it takes to do facebook things. Apps take too much time away from other games and loves and word documents. Poetry is the mindless act of an unemployable person usually they post most of them on facebook. The rest of the world watches high definition. There is people reading this in the kitchen making melon balls and thumbing the remote. Home computor use is up. Laptops are all around. Every public area has no where to sit when it is crowded they wont let you stay there anyway just pay up and go away so we can milk another customer. I lost the taste for beer so sports bars with televisions and no where to sit are still out of the question. In 2025 will mankind have a facebook will we be close friends with it . Androids everywhere want to know. Can I still have Forg too. And Forg one. Iff you change the home page even one more time eye am sure eye will stay now increased with glue the eye is panting for love on facebook. Facebook we love you.