SaintPetered Saint Peter paid Saint Paul Listen to the children sing them Christmas songs Caroling outside your Prison walls the window breaks the lightening comes. The Earth Quakes Shepards fall they fake falsetto in there haste to save the lambs. They must save them all. Did Saint Peter walk on water after Jesus was Crucified after the Jesus died? There is not one INstance eye can find. It would be written in the History Book something like this. After Jesus who was Crucified Saint Peter was often fond of being found out at the lake hopscotching barefooted across the water schlepping and dropping one ski in the water. OAR. Or after AD 33 every time a storm comes up at the lake Saint Peter is found there frolocking off the bow of the fishing boat simply out there walking on water. NON. It simply never happened. Neither is it written that he was some Superman challenging the Soldiers slapping guards and taunting men with spears kicking open vault doors like Hercules breaking chains and locks. The Spirit in the Earthquakes was enought. Opening Prison doors is still the Work of GOD. Yes, Jesus Overcomes. BUt iff you took the Puritanical Catholic Church even the Pope to the Crucifix and tried to string him up there would most likely be a Holy War. What was good for old Saint Peter also ended with Saint Paul but not the same for someone like the Pope. Now pride goes down before a fall. Saint Petered.