Hay, Minister Say, Jesus. Pray with understanding what it is HE did. He died. The Cross. Because. God is Love. NO deed as white you would be insane to ignore your pardon, Hay, Minister. Hay, Minister come to GOD no other way. As a Prodigal Son eye will return full of sins and blackguard deeds when asked by GOD what will eye do? OH, God throw me on your Mercy and Forgive me do what GOD has done to people ever calling on your namme. Cover me with just one dropp of Jesus Blood. Today. Say Jesus. Hay, Minister. Then go pray. Hay, Minister. Angels Angels stand on hillsides. Where poor people live intent. One large Angel keeping watch three more there much smaller ones Angels all standing in the knotch melting snow to keep the occupied alive his house is safe now from collapsing poles and snapping lines. Angels do keep poorer people still alive. Angels.