Reiterations Because I decided to make a new start the old CharlaX is dead his heart gave up the snow was too much I almost stopped but started over hence Re Iterations as the tittle (title). As wrong of a man who can walk to be angry at GOD because he cannot fly. To be happy to walk to learn to talk to learn to walk correctly to learn to talk correctly seems beyond my ability to fly.The curses much too quickly fly from lipps better pursed to kiss the misses that eye mostly miss the new age has come to eye belong now only to mye GOD and baby lambe may she always love. Discouragement comes in the cold of a dark wet night the sub zero penetrating mind and heart but suddenly religions not so funny love comes back to heart so in need of love. The mourning light brings life and hope the moment of my anger gone forever burried with the summer home next time will come hindsighted CharlaX will make the winter one first to withstand it better race the time for winter rules the world the ice has come to dine. Sorrow knits mye brow mye concentrated hair is wet from condensation marking time. Limits gone poem comes reiterated wants and loveswill win the day star rises unseen the sky lightens telling time to sighted men the clouds roll a few more at the time of GOD will come to men the end of time the start of Heaven then. Predicates and adjectives and adverbs in agreement finally the words will pass the test of spelling them the rest will fall in place now the poet loves this piece at rest. Milling at mye face for that smile is there been hiding past the trace of waste. Broken broke the pen the paper gone too wet to write with ink the poet wetting crinkled paper internetted webbed with love dripping now from every word can you see it gentile reader ewe. Its called a poem hence the tittle title bound in braille for this one cannot see now the snow had blinded me and now eye see that tittle is just laughter and that Reiteration is the title.