Wintering Perpendicular monomolecular structure strands of Haywire. Old wishful thinking dreaming dragonflies and women. Songs a pedicure and breeding gone. Mesmerize the General masses long lines of waiting mentalities hunger is added to must have the best of offered them the cake refused them the fruit. Pretend to diabetic seize the day walk away filling my footprints with footsteps marching in place marking time with limited space. Wintering. Waiting for the Spring thaw to cascade Snow away down the hill overdale filling cracks with melt overflowing river banks until finally summer equalizes brings again the rain must fall someday. Consumerism is not my religion. The byke is flat twice now in three days I have cobbled two working bicycles from the remains of three frames. Iff this one I am riding now today dumps off on eye have the only one still locked to tree in snow. WHen it is gone I am walking back and forth until the end of May eye have the strength to carry love. Wintering.