Obommo666 Obommo 666 The Booted Impersonator of Obama danced in his boots. He roasted the Republicans. They Terminator him. 666 will come to AmeriKa. The whole North American COntinent will be under water before the end of time this third world country is never mine. Not even the snorkels in California will save them from the Tide of Changes which now will come. For Jesus rules the nations dipping Flags in flaming places remember now what you must read. The Continental Divide is mending they showed me in the photograph the water covering the depths where eye once stood in agony losing my Country by ignorance yours not mine. The water makes the harbor some unmitigated tomb looming into the twilight of the coming justices. When you outlaw the boats only outlaws will be in boats. Russia fell headlong Mother the Berlin Wall is gone Sister none of the remnants of the Flag Old GLory will be found dry docked. The KFC restaurants become the needed chain of reservoirs to pull the deepest end of the flood into the missing link of land that was once AmeriKa. Sandersville is born. They will make the shark meat look like tuna fin sandwitches. The Nuclear Fission Reactors will melt into the mess every one is fearing it will happen soon but only when the time is recently past the quarters or those DOllars no one will be using money every party will be Barged. Egyptians floating carnivals playing poker in the hold them aces let the deuces go to blazes.