Bigot BIGOT There is a reason we do not let the colored vote here down south. They would win the election hands down. Let me explain this biased white thinking. You get the colored vote box. Lock them in the basement. Then we get the boxes we rigged up counting all the dead people in all the little cemetery's all around the town. James Brown and Jonny Dolittle and Tommy Thompson Gun and little Jinny Dickens. Polite Society WHITE names. NO black names here like Doctored Dree. We putt Malcom Powder in our white soap dishes then THE X on the ballot. The Jacksonion institution is boarded up the plantation x is closed. It is almost Halloween we all dress like Ghosts in big white sheets with hoods and lidded lifeless eyes. Possession is nine tenths of the law and eye got mine. We burn crosses on black lawns after five oclock we run from black to house and black once more we fill the town with fun and vote for white indangered folk we vote from nine to five. We prime the ballot box with water from the tap then soak them until dawn no one can read the colored votes they been there wet too long. We fill our ballots up with homemade votes all white and ready to be counted slick backed hair in buzz cuts and chew in all our glasses lipstick on the collar and thumbprints on the tumbler giving states evidence for late opinions just go behind the curtain and cast your white votes. You will come away with the certain feeling that now you are a Bigot.