texas hospitality texas hospitality eye was removed from two areas today for no good reason other then eye am homeless which thing is just not good enought for eye think there is no such thing as texas hospitality and christmas is not in these peoples hearts are very far from god and centered on themselves the little bit of power they possess has gone to there little brains and kissed there texas hospitality they told me they do not wish for bums to be inside the downtown area and once they removed me from the lieberry and yes eye was on this signal spot but outside the main section was not open yet and eye was early and they said that eye was camping there and it rained a lot and they accused me of the bathroom and to make a longer story short and downtown back in the park just to have coffee they told me you can not have camping gear and stay there so what eye will not easliy forgive them and christmas here will be no fun for eye think they missed the very idea of christ in all there lives eye see only the devil from mexico in san antonio no texas hospitality eye hope all these people become homeless and face the things eye face each and every day just to survive oh god in jesus give this to them let them see it from the other side everything they own upon there back and move them down there sidewalk crack them to infinity and then let them find some of this texas hospitality