the king leers the king leers his hat twisted sideways in a goofy paroday of cartoon people who live life getting stoned and bothering other people he leered with one eye like a goon onto the other person ignoring him he was busy at work doing his time on the free computor but this over worked mind next to him was almost berserk trying to give him this evil eye it was so palpable a signal in this space and time iff ewe had marched past him you would have double taken him just the same as eye did there are so many berserkers lurking in this world just awaiting to arrive from inner space the brain of a monkey inside a man will win every time the contest is fixed to allow the animal to control the harder a man tries to decieve others the easier it becomes to be the thief in charge he SQUINTED for signs of weaknesses he LOOKED for places to attack he LEERED for all the world the wolf his grin was over byte his lust self effaceing his mental prowess most absorbed for this fellow does not like me he would have recognized me unless he slept thats it he must have been asleep while scrutinizing his neighbor his eye had stuck to him and snoozing there he did not notice being seen while leering the other man so unaware of the king leering back at him and so they both ignored me both missing my concern they both leered at the screen