Broken Tryst This needs to be penned forever in all your minds who is a form of how do you expect to be called Christians when you refuse services to the poor and homeless poet for the worry pain and suffering you have caused him are already enough to get you in trouble with my Jesus when he comes from the Sky to take us to the Bye and Bye he might ask you why you used his name then did not complete your tasks for him you see he warns us not to live as rich people live in fancy church rooms with poor services cars and money fine dining every day who do you think you are to refuse me a letter from a friend the only way eye have to receive anything dont take a blessed thing from me and still pretend to Christian be the envoy of the Lord you will have to change your Job for even volunteers must be examples to the flock do not be so quick to Judge a man used to being robbed might get angry quick when Mail Room mail is kept from him the friday person did not look real good in stacks of missing not presented but what made this christian angry was the wednesday crowd of not even looking just dismissing then the added worry of the banning person quite ready to ban me from the sloppy services not really even being provided to me all in all not a good way to run a Church Business is only the Broken Tryst of Jesus and this poet CharlaX will get even with you Stephan nammed them all the stoners will be bricked up in the wall for Stephan has the comfort now the Broken Tryst must fall